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Apache Airflow 2.0: A Practical Jump Start

In this article, I would like to give you a jump-start tutorial to understand the basic concepts and create a workflow pipeline from scratch. So let’s get started! Introduction Apache Airflow is an orchestration tool that helps you to programma... Read more

Spring Boot: API First Design

In this blog, I take a practical approach to API first design with an example using Open API 3 specification. Firstly, I describe how I created the API definition, then how I created the server and the client code from the API definition. Then I ... Read more

Spring Boot: Boost JPA Bulk Insert Performance by 100x

I was facing a problem where I wanted to insert millions of records into the database, which needed to be imported from the file. So, I did some research around this, and I would like to share with you what I found which helped me improve the ins... Read more

Spring Boot: Handle AWS RDS JDBC password change or rotation without restarting

This article is about how you can handle AWS RDS secrets rotation without restarting your Spring Boot application. Introduction I had this problem wherein I had to update my database connection whenever the database password was updated for my AW... Read more