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A SpringBoot Developer's Guide To Micronaut

This is a guide for spring application developers, who want to get started with using Micronaut. With this guide, you will get enough information to work with Micronaut framework. Introduction Micronaut is a framework, which has gained its name... Read more

Defining Event-Driven Architectures - AsyncAPI

In this article, I am going to be talking about how we can define your event-driven architectures using the AsyncAPI definition. Introduction A while ago, I published an article about how you can document REST APIs using Open API 3 specification... Read more

What are Java Records

Java Record Java record is a type of class whose sole purpose is to drive programming with immutable data. Let’s look at a simple example. public record Data( int x, int y) So here we have created a record with header x and y. Here x and y are ... Read more

Kind - A New Kubernetes Cluster

Recently I wanted to experiment with something on a Kubernetes cluster, and I didn’t want to spin up a new cluster on AWS and wanted something quick. Till now, Minikube was the only thing I was using as a local Kubernetes cluster. But I start not... Read more

Apache Airflow 2.0: A Practical Jump Start

In this article, I would like to give you a jump-start tutorial to understand the basic concepts and create a workflow pipeline from scratch. So let’s get started! Introduction Apache Airflow is an orchestration tool that helps you to programma... Read more